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About Us

American Traditions by Tara, represents clients building or remodeling residential construction including homes, townhomes and condominiums.  Tara, a licensed Building Contractor, works to streamline information in the design and construction process; reducing mistakes and time which reduces costs and improves quality.  She helps to select successful teams of architect, contractor, designer, landscape architect and many other trades, tailoring the selections to each client’s needs.

Tara oversees the smallest details; ensuring installation methods are properly executed, reviewing pay applications and monitoring notices to owner for the lien process. Her punch-out process is well known for being demanding and meticulous.

While many of American Traditions clients bring her on board when they first consider undertaking building a new home, others find their way to her when they are struggling during construction without an owner's representative.

Tara founded American Traditions in 1997 and continues to work passionately to build teams that create enjoyable and successful results in fine home building.

Tara Urette


After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a minor in Architecture, Tara started her career in 1985 when she joined her father’s construction company.  During that time she became one of the youngest women in Florida to receive a Florida Building Contractors license.  She went on to create “American Traditions” in 1997 to satisfy the need for residential construction management and specifying.

Tara continues her education by traveling the country with the Institute of Classical America, studying architecture and interior design.  She is a native of Tampa whose passion is helping to create beautiful residences.

Veronica Hart


Veronica is a Florida native with a degree in Photographic Technology.  With an eye for detail, she has always been intrigued with the design and features of any project she has been involved.  Her strong appreciation of art translates well to her role at American Traditions.  Regarding her profession, Veronica stresses quality above all other characteristics. 


She loves to travel and has a cat named Murray that she endlessly photographs.

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