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“When we first learned of the services provided by American Traditions by Tara, we were hesitant as to why we might need or want an “owners representative,” when we already had a talented and reputable contractor selected. ...

Before long it became crystal clear that Tara’s role was much larger and more important than we had initially understood. We quickly began to recognize the value of her input and experience, along with the understanding of how important it was to have an independent oversight focused on our interests, and our interests alone. ...

She was able to catch and solve minor and major problems prior to the team investing time and money in something that would need to be redone, including one example where she had the foresight to measure our furniture and new appliances early enough to realize that the door frame width drawn into our plans would not allow enough room to get the master furniture or washer/dryer into their rooms! ...

In addition to her organization, detail and oversight, she has great material resources and taste.  She consistently brought forward beautiful and quality products ranging from stone flooring, marble for our counter tops, gorgeous backsplash and platinum hood in our kitchen, and a million other details and construction material and accessories.  She stayed within our budget and made valuable recommendations on where we should invest our money and where we should save it. ...

Tara exceeded our expectations at every turn as she navigated us through all of those experiences, protected our interests, and worked to make us happy through the process and with our completed home.  We would not do it again without her by our side.”

- John and Kim Kirtley

“Having Tara involved in our project helped us meet and exceed our original goals for our home addition.  She has the unique ability to understand both the big picture and the details required to accomplish each step in the process.  She helped keep everyone on track and made all the decisions more manageable by breaking them down into the pieces needed to achieve the whole.  She is also great at keeping an eye on the budget to ensure there is a balance between what you want and what you can afford.


When there are “challenges” (which there always are in any construction project!) she was able to develop solutions that in many cases provided an opportunity for improving on the original design.  by focusing on all the details she helped us avoid costly mistakes and make good sound decisions on everything from our windows to our door knobs.  you couldn’t find a better resource to help you deal with the array of trades requiring a vast knowledge of every aspect of construction from the foundation to your roof selection!  I would recommend Tara to anyone who is interested in realizing the best possible outcome for their construction project.”

- Vicki and Doug Shields

“Tara’s talent and expertise were invaluable in coordinating the efforts of our “Dream Team.”  Her creative ideas and attention to detail resulted in substantial cost savings on several items.  Her ability to achieve a meeting of the minds of so many trades and disciplines made the process of designing and building our home a wonderfully collaborative experience.  We can’t imagine having done it without her.”

- Ed and Linda Oelschlaeger

“Tara’s services for me when I decided to build a new brick home were not only outstanding, but in my opinion essential to get things done correctly.  I absolutely could not have accomplished what needed to be done without Tara’s expertise.  Furthermore, I might add that working with Tara and her assistant was an absolute pleasure.”

-Jackson E. Boggs

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